3 IT Technologies Every Manufacturing Company Must Have

Find out how IT technology blends so well with the manufacturing business, and which of these technologies you gotta have if you're serios for the long-term.

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For the past 20 years, IT has played a major role in manufacturing industries making things simpler and more efficient. When we talk IT in the manufacturing sector, we mean accounting software, automated manufacturing lines and many others.

IT provides sustainable equipment and machinery which reduces utility bills and lowers supply costs. IT also offers great solutions for the industry with the required technology to innovate on diverse product and business models.

The obvious that we all know is that the use of IT will:

  • lower production costs
  • improve quality
  • increase output
  • protect intellectual property
  • increase efficiencies
  • decrease lead and delivery times
  • boost output
  • reduce inventory
  • motivate employees
  • and diminish the risk.

But, there are specific technologies that every manufacturing company, big or small, must have in order to stay in line with quality, competition and customer satisfaction in 2016 and beyond. These IT technologies will do a combination of the above plus more.

Here are the top 3 IT technologies making rounds in successful manufacturing companies around the world:

Six Sigma

Six Sigma technology made its boom in 1995 when General Electric (GE) first used it. On discovering its benefits, thousands of other manufacturing companies adopted the perfecting technology including Allied Signal and Motorola. GE, which is also the most successful company in employing Six Sigma, reported benefits of $10 billion in the first five years of implementation.

Six Sigma is a data induced management methodology which allows companies to eliminate defects in any process. Any company using Six Sigma is assured of better customer loyalty, reduced cycle time and time management.

ERP Software

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is management software—typically a suite of integrated that a manufacturing company can use to collect, store, manage and interpret data from many activities during a manufacturing process. SAP, a German company, is the biggest user of the ERP software. It has many other large businesses and uses ERP to manage its daily operations.

For this software to run effectively, companies need to have experts in SAP and its range of modules. Otherwise, manufacturers can hire IT management companies to manage their business analysis, programming and general IT.

3D Printing

3d printer

First of all, 3D printing enables the delivery of flawless products. It is environmentally friendly and therefore manufacturers can use it to campaign for their products in the eyes of customers who support that cause.

3D printing is very cost effective for manufacturers because it eliminates the need for tool production. 3D cuts labor costs because most times assembly of products is not required. Products and components are designed specifically and come out fully ready without the need for complex processes.